Spring-Themed Sensory Bin Ideas

Spring is just around the corner! Here are some fun and educational sensory bin ideas with a spring theme that you can set up at home.

Plant life sensory bin

Spring is the season of growing plants and blooming flowers, and you can encourage your child to explore these concepts with a plant life sensory bin. In a plastic bin or tub, put in some soil, seeds, rocks, pots, and artificial flowers or plants. With tools like small shovels, your child can practice planting, and can scoop the soil and fill the pots.

Spring pond sensory bin

Children love to look at the young ducklings, goslings, and chicks of spring. Creating a pond life sensory bin at home is an ideal way to help your child learn more about animals and investigate their world. Fill a bin or tub with water and include rocks, small pieces of wood, leaves, and small plastic bird toys, and hold two-way discussions about which items float and how they move across the water.

Bird seed sensory bin

You can fill a small bin or tub with bird seed, bird toys, tongs, scoops, and cups, and support your child in exploring these different materials. They can scoop and pour the seed, or create a pretend play scenario about the birds migrating back to the neighborhood in the spring. Then, you can use the bird seed to make a DIY bird feeder!