Cold-Weather Family Activities

Whether your winter is cold or mild, there are many fun activities that are ideal for the whole family. Here are just four family-friendly cold-weather activities that you and your family will enjoy.

Go for a walk

It’s important to get outdoors as often as possible, even in the winter. Going outside helps children reduce the risk of behavior problems, improve their attention spans, fall asleep at night, and get more Vitamin D. As a family, observe the changes that winter brought to your neighborhood, and have open-ended conversations about these changes. At home, you can empower your child to continue their learning by drawing what they saw on your walk.

Investigate winter-themed events in your area

Many towns offer fun and affordable family activities in the winter months. For example, you and your family can go skating or sledding, visit the zoo, or enjoy a winter-themed light display. In warmer climates, many towns offer outdoor activities like family movies and art exhibits.

Have a cold-weather scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are fun and educational for children and adults alike. Try getting all the senses involved – for example, listen for birds singing or snow underfoot, smell cinnamon, and feel something cold.

Start a new winter tradition

In many places, cold weather can seem to last a long time. Try starting a family winter tradition to help make the season special and to create more memories together. Some examples include enjoying hot cocoa at a local café, having a winter-themed movie night, and baking some warming treats as a family.

When enjoying winter together as a family, ensure that everyone is dressed appropriately, and limit the time spent outside.