KLA Schools of Naperville West Groundbreaking Event


On Wednesday, June 29th the KLA School of Naperville and Plainfield celebrated International Mud day with 400 pounds of mud! The children were able to explore with all of their senses throughout the day. We got to paint, squish, and roll around in the mud.

In the teachers’ eyes, Mud Day is a fun, exciting event for all. The teachers also get to play in the mud and experience Mud Day. Ms. Meghan says, "It's my favorite day of the year!" Ms. Priyanka states, " I loved it! It is very innovative!" Ms. Becca says, "It makes KLA unique, and it is very fun." KLA International Mud day is a yearly event we will continue to host.

Internation Mud Day is a day where the children connect with nature. Interacting with mud and loose materials helps the children develop tactile skills with sensory play. Here at KLA not only do the children enjoy and explore the benefits of Mud day but so do all of our teachers. A student from our 4s classroom in Plainfield stated "Look at me! I am the Mud Queen"!

In 2008, the idea of International Mud day was made by a group of early childhood educators. The idea of it was to allow children all over the world to able to have lots of fun as well as boost the children's immune systems. Studies have shown that playing in mud actually helps children develop a tolerance to asthma and allergies. It is also found to release serotonin in the brain which helps lower stress levels and regulate moods.

Some ideas to help celebrate International Mud Day at home are to fill up a baby pool with mud, use old paint brushes to paint on cardboard, and have pie tins with beans, lentils, and or pasta to create some gourmet mud pies. For easy cleanup, use a basin with soapy water outside and some beach towels, prior to going inside.

At the end of International Mud day, the children were hosed off and cleaned up. They got to go home with messy clothes and lots of memories. We look forward to International Mud day 2023.

About KLA Schools

KLA Schools of Naperville and Plainfield are leading preschools throughout Illinois. They are excited to announce they will be opening a third location Naperville West at 2719 Beebe Dr, near Route 59 and 75th street in Fall 2022.

Here at KLA Schools, the students explore the world around them at their own pace, with the guidance and direction of highly skilled, trained, and compassionate teachers. These schools understand early learning's vitality and continue to strive to remain a leader in early education. Helping children build a robust foundation for their future school years, KLA Schools provides a comfortable, safe, and exciting learning environment where children are eager to return day after day.

KLA Schools has open enrollment for all three locations and offers personalized virtual and in-person Saturday visits by appointment. To hear or learn more about our program, please contact Carrie Hemmer, the Admissions Director, by emailing [email protected].