December 2023 Edition

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Age-Appropriate STEAM Activities for Children
At KLA Schools, our classrooms feature age-appropriate STEAM materials. Rather than separating STEAM activities into a standalone enrichment program, STEAM is integrated into our curriculum and practiced in the child's everyday life. Learn more.
The Importance of Routine for Kids
According to Dr. Peter Gorski of Harvard Medical School, knowing what to expect from daily life can develop a child's confidence. Here are some other reasons a routine is important for children.
Supporting Hands-On Learning in Childhood
At KLA Schools, our Reggio Emilia educational philosophy supports a child’s own active learning. Our students are always encouraged to build, create, theorize, question, and dream. Here are some ways you can support hands-on learning in childhood.

KLA Schools Educators participate in an exclusive study group at Reggio Emilia, Italy
A group of educators from KLA Schools across the nation has embarked on an enriching journey by participating in a study group in the beautiful city of Reggio Emilia, Italy.

With a passionate desire to continue understanding the values of the Reggio Emilia approach, they will spend an entire week immersing themselves in learning and thinking together.

This experience will empower them to bring back new insights and inspirations to their own educational practices in our schools.

Interested in learning more about Reggio Emilia and how KLA Schools utilizes it in our preschool franchise opportunity? Contact us so we can set up a time to discuss it together!
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