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Ideas to Support Your Child's Curiosity
Curiosity is a key component of a child’s lifelong education. With curiosity, a child is empowered to investigate their world, problem-solve, and construct their own knowledge. Here are some ways you can support your child's creativity.
Celebrating Friendship on Valentine's Day
We often think of Valentine's Day as a celebration of romantic love, but in many countries, it's a day of friendship. This year, invite your child to celebrate friendship on Valentine's Day. Here are some ideas.
Health Family Winter Meals
When the cooler winter weather sets in, many of us start thinking about hearty, comforting food. Here are some family winter meal ideas that are as nutritious as they are comforting.
Reggio Emilia Inspired 
Our Shared Principles

The guiding tenets of the Reggio Emilia Approach are an integral part of the KLA Schools philosophy. Our philosophy and approach are unique and innovative, but our foundation -- the Reggio Emilia Approach -- is not new. It's time-tested, thoroughly researched, and backed by educators and professional organizations worldwide. Authentic Reggio Emilia-inspired programs like KLA Schools are actively guided and inspired by the following principles: Image of the child, Environment as the third teacher, The role of the teacher, Documentation, and Parents as partners. Learn how these key principles inspire meaningful learning experiences for children.
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Empowering children. Endless opportunities.
Give your child endless opportunities to flourish and empower them to positively change the world. Find out what a Reggio Emilia education can do for your child. Contact your school today for more information about enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year.
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KLA Founders Featured in Exchange Magazine
We're excited to share with you the latest edition of Exchange Magazine, where our founders Roberto and Candy Ortega are featured on the cover. We invite you to read the article where they talk about the purpose and passion of KLA Schools!
Newsweek - 2023 Americas Best Customer Service Companies
We're happy to announce that KLA Schools ranked #1 for Employment, Education, and Child Care Services categories in America's Best Customer Service Companies List 2023 from Newsweek. It's an honor to receive this recognition! To see the ranking list and methodology used for this survey follow this link.

KLA Schools - Leading the way in a dynamic industry
Join a growing industry. Over 12 million preschool-aged children are in childcare or preschool, and parents are increasingly becoming concerned with ensuring that their child receives a high-quality education. In the markets we serve, KLA Schools is the top choice for educated working parents. Learn more about the path to becoming a KLA Schools preschool owner!
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