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Encouraging Your Child to Help in the Kitchen
KLA Schools is your parenting partner, and we’re committed to supporting a child’s health and well-being. Children are naturally curious, and empowering them to satisfy their curiosity in the kitchen can teach vital life skills. Here are some age-appropriate ways to encourage your child to help in the kitchen.
What is the Best Bedtime for Your Child?
How do you know what is the best bedtime for your child? Children go through many phases as they grow, so many parents aren't sure about the best time to begin their child's bedtime routine. Learn what sleep specialist Dr. Vaisal Shan suggests.
Supporting Your Child in Making New Friends
Making new friends is an important aspect of early childhood. Getting along with others helps children have an easier time in social environments. Here are some ways you can support your child in making new friends.

Our Preschool Franchise Leadership Program Helps You Improve
One of the main benefits of choosing to franchise is gaining access to the support of an established franchisor. KLA Schools takes our responsibility to help franchise owners seriously because we know it will also positively impact the educational outcomes of our schools. Our preschool franchise leadership program is a perfect example of this commitment. 

Created and Created and delivered by Mecca Johnson, founder and President of My Joy Speaks and a consultant for KLA Schools, the “Leadership Power Series” is designed to help franchise owners develop their skills to provide a supportive environment for teachers to deliver a better student learning experience. Mecca’s 30 years of experience in the field of early childhood education, the majority of which were in a senior leadership position with a national franchise company, have provided her with an experienced, unique, and innovative perspective on leadership. Learn more.

Ready to discover the powerful difference that the “Leadership Power Series” can make for your KLA Schools franchise? Contact a KLA Franchise Development Consultant today to discuss our approach to operating a preschool and how a franchising agreement can make sense for both of us!
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