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Understanding Nutrition in Preschool
A good preschool is your parenting partner and takes your child's health seriously. It's important to understand their philosophy on nutrition and policies on things such as allergies, meal plans, and eating habits. Learn more
Sun Safety Tips for Children
Summer is here, and it's important to keep you and your family protected from the sun's harmful UV rays. Sun protection is especially important for children because even one severe sunburn can increase melanoma risk later in life. Here are some tips to keep your child sun-safe.
Food Safety for Young Children
All parents are caregivers have concerns about young children and their risk of food poisoning or choking. Here are some food safety guidelines to help keep your young child safer.
Tips for Family Air Travel
Whether you're traveling across the country or internationally this summer break, you may be wondering how to make the air travel experience a positive one for your child. At KLA Schools, we pride ourselves on collaborating with parents to make their lives easier. Try these 8 tips to help reduce your travel stress this summer.
Why You Should Open a Childcare Franchise Using the Reggio Emilia Learning Method

KLA Schools has developed a preschool franchise opportunity that stands out from the many childcare options currently available to parents. Our team helps each KLA franchise owner create an environment that is superior to the standard daycare franchise that most parents in nearby communities are used to seeing. Through the curriculum, teaching philosophy, and student-centric approach that each KLA Schools franchise implements, parents gain a better understanding and appreciation of what we can build together. Learn more

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