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6 Summer Day Trip Ideas for Families
Summer is an ideal time to create memories as a family. Here are six summer day trip ideas that are fun for everyone, and don’t involve spending money on overnight accommodation.
Understanding Toddler Tantrums
Tantrums are a normal facet of early childhood development, but they can feel overwhelming – both for your child and for you. Here are some reasons why toddlers have tantrums, and how you can help them through it.
Self-Care for Parents: Why It's Important
With our busy work and home lives, there can be lots to juggle. Many parents find themselves overwhelmed or frazzled with all they have to take care of. However, self-care for parents is very important. Here are a few reasons why, and what you can do.
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You may not have known, but a KLA Schools franchise investment is a 12-month-a-year revenue opportunity! While the school year ends this month, summer camp begins right after!

Franchising with KLA Schools means impacting the lives of children in your community day in and day out year round. Get started with us today! 

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