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Educational Benefits of Play
Children love to play, and it's an essential part of early education. Even in the simplest of game, children are learning critical life skills and educational concepts. Here are some of the educational benefits of play.
Helping Your Child Get Along With Others
Learning to get along well with others is an important skill for young children to learn. It helps them have an easier time in social environments like preschool. Here are some ways you can help your child get along with others.
Nurturing Curiosity in Children
Children learn through hands-on experiences and are endlessly curious. Here are some ways you can help your young child nurture their natural curiosity and become keen lifelong learners.

How We Are Leaders for Franchise Business in the Education Sector
Starting a franchise business in the education sector presents a great opportunity since families highly value educational services that can provide effective outcomes for their children. Early childhood education services are among the most important, considering how vital they are to nearly every child’s learning and social development.

KLA Schools has built a preschool franchise opportunity that allows our franchise owners to deliver better educational outcomes. We structure our schools to align with the Reggio Emilia curriculum implemented at each of our locations. This includes how we design our classrooms and other school spaces. Learn more here.

Contact us about our investment opportunity and how the classroom setup used at KLA Schools can improve your ability to stand out from standard daycares in your area.

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