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Ways to Bring Reggio Emilia Education Home
A Reggio Emilia education involves a wide range of activities that support a child’s natural curiosity. Here are some ways you can bring Reggio Emilia into the home.
Cold-Weather Family Activities
Whether your winter is cold or mild, there are many fun activities that are ideal for the whole family. Here are just four family-friendly cold-weather activities that you and your family will enjoy.
Balancing Work and Family Responsibilities
In our busy career and home lives, there can be a lot to juggle. However, finding a good balance between work and family responsibilities is possible. Here are a few things that may help.

From buildings and trees to sounds and movement, get ready to discover the city we call home! Our 2023 summer camp sessions are:
Session 1
Places We Visit

Session 2
Nature That Surrounds Us
Session 3
People In Our Community

Session 4
Animals Around Us

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