October 2023 Edition

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Fall Outdoor Activities for Families
Cooler fall weather often makes us think of bundling up and staying indoors. While a cozy fall day at home can be fun, there are many ways your family can still enjoy the great outdoors. Try one of these fall outdoor activities for families.
How to Choose the Best After-School Care
We know that the workday doesn't always begin or end with the school day, and we're proud to support busy families with after-school programs. If you're interested in the best after-school care for your child, here's what to look for. 
What to Look for in a Reggio Emilia Curriculum
In the Reggio Emilia early childhood educational philosophy, there is an expression: "A child has a hundred languages." These languages - which include things like art, music, clay, dancing, digging, dirt, writing, playing pretend - are how children build knowledge and make sense of the world around them. Learn more. 

Studying Abroad to Learn About the Reggio Emilia Method
Ever wanted a business that gives you the opportunity to travel abroad? Making an investment in a KLA Schools franchise could give you that chance as well as the opportunity to learn about our innovative Reggio Emilia method. Learn more.
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