Child Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Is your child settling into their bedroom for the first time, or do they just want something new? Try these child bedroom decoration ideas for a variety of budgets.

Wall decals

Because wall decals are reusable, they’re great to use in bedrooms where painting the walls may not be an option. Wall decals come in a variety of sizes, colors, themes, and price points. Your child can decorate their walls, doors, windows, bookshelves, and desk. They can choose from decals depicting farm animals, cartoon and movie characters, superheroes, shapes – even their name.

Colorful furniture and accessories

Refreshing your child’s bedroom décor can be as quick and easy as buying a new set of linens, a rug in their favorite color, or new bookcases. Accessories and furniture can also be replaced easily, which can cut down on your costs and time spent.

Create DIY artwork

You and your child can spend quality time together while working on some decorations for their room. Some ideas for DIY artwork for your child’s bedroom are:

Recycled Magazine Butterfly Garland – Your child can select the magazine pages to use, and help you fold them

DIY Circle Punch Art

Dinosaur Nightlight Terrarium

No matter your budget or schedule, there are several options for decorating your child’s bedroom in a way that will reflect their personality and give them a space to call their own. Getting your child involved in the process will give them a sense of ownership and foster their creativity and independence.