Virtual Learning Resources

We are pleased to share with you a multitude of resources to support your virtual learning experience at home. Below you will find documents and videos that bring our unique approach to learning into your very own home. Whether your child is singing along with a teacher to their favorite song or joining you in a guided experience, we hope these resources make our time apart enriching and enjoyable.

Daily Schedules

Children thrive on consistency and understanding what happens next especially during times of such uncertainty. In fact, so do adults! Here you will find a sample schedule to help you organize your child’s day. As each child and family has their own daily flow, keep in mind these are suggestions and what is most important is communicating changes and adapting when needed.


Our teachers have created activities specifically designed with your children in mind. From their current developmental skills to their areas of interest, you will find each experience has something to engage your child with items you have in your own home.


While spending this time at home, we want to support you in maintaining some of the unique experiences we provide in our Atelier or Art Studio at school. The activities provided here will show you some interesting ways to approach some familiar materials with you children. You’ll also find some exciting videos to help provide an Atelier experience in your very own home!

Story Telling

Stories transport us to a magical place while providing us opportunities to practice so many skills. Our amazing teachers have compiled lists of your children’s favorite books and can even be seen here reading aloud!

Body and Movement

While we find ourselves needing to stay indoors more than we are used to, we’d like to offer your child opportunities to keep their body moving and continue developing their gross-motor skills. Come see our fun and creative ways to stay active here!


Music has the ability to transform your mood. As we find ourselves in need of a little extra joy, these music videos and songs will help bring a smile to you and your child’s day.

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