Reggio Emilia and Parent Involvement

In the Reggio Emilia early childhood education philosophy followed at KLA Schools, we honor parents as your child’s first teachers. We know that you are your child’s main role model, and as such, we love partnering with you in your child’s educational journey.

Here are some of the ways a Reggio Emilia preschool like KLA Schools supports parent involvement:

Collaboration with teachers

At a Reggio Emilia preschool, the teachers, parents, and children work together. This collaboration strengthens the power of the educational experiences in the classroom. The aim is to connect with families and communities to show that the child is part of a large and supportive network. Additionally, collaborative interactions with preschool teachers will ensure consistency in your child’s environment. Your child can rely on the same principles at school that they do at home, and they’ll benefit immensely.

Two-way communication

As a trusted resource for information about educating and developing the whole child, Reggio Emilia teachers communicate frequently with parents. This helps them support their families and our communities. At KLA Schools, for example, our mobile app ensures that you receive daily photos, reports, and notes from your child’s classroom. You are always welcome to ask questions and hold a two-way discussion about your child’s education. Sharing ideas is a vital factor in tailoring your child’s education to meet their individual needs and interests.

School events

Reggio Emilia schools understand that a child’s education encompasses not only their school, but their community and family as well. As such, parents are encouraged to get involved with school events and keep up to date with the latest news. Additionally, a good Reggio Emilia school will hold parent nights and collaborative projects that encourage parents to get involved and chat with their child’s teachers. This offers parents another way to play an active part in their child’s education.

At KLA Schools, we value getting to know our parents and are committed to building strong and vibrant school communities. This involvement is not merely a superficial engagement, but an integral part of a child’s learning journey.