Supporting Your Young Child in Reading

Literacy is a critical early childhood skill, and it strengthens a child’s natural curiosity and imagination. At KLA Schools, making learning fun is one of our educational pillars. Here are some ways to support your young child in reading.

Keep reading material available at home

Having books, magazines, and newspapers in your home as part of your everyday life will show your child that reading is important and interesting. Let your child see you reading – both for pleasure and for education. Additionally, make sure your child always has age-appropriate books within easy reach. Dr Alice Sterling Honig, a child development expert at Syracuse University, says “Surrounding kids with books at an early age gets them hooked.”

Read aloud to your child

Reading books together is a great bonding experience, and your interest and enthusiasm will show your child that reading is fun. While reading together, ask open-ended questions about the story and characters to help keep your child engaged and participating in the process.

Let your child choose what they read

All children have their own unique preferences when it comes to reading. Letting your child pick their own books will strengthen their positive connection to reading, and show them that reading is fun. Visit your local library or bookstore often and let your child’s interests guide them..

Be patient with your child

If your child is struggling with reading, reassure them that it’s normal, and that you’ll support them. Some parents employ a buddy-reading strategy, where you and your child read a book together, each one reading alternate paragraphs or pages. Consult your child’s preschool teacher for more advice.