Choosing the Best Summer Camp

Summer camp is a fun, supportive, and secure place for your child to have fun and learn new things. But how do you know what to look for in a summer camp? Here are some ways you can choose the best summer camp for your child.

Does the camp meet safety and educational standards?

The baseline for a good summer camp is a clean and safe environment for your child, with well-trained staff members. When researching the best summer camp for your child, you might want to ask how staff are screened and educated, if they’re trained in first aid, how children are kept safe, and details on emergency protocol.

You may also want to tour the summer camp to see that all structures and toys are clean, safe, and in good repair. Summer camps don’t require accreditation, but you should ensure that they follow all necessary state regulations.

What activities are offered?

The ideal mix of summer camp activities depends on what your child is interested in, and what you would like them to experience. Some summer camps focus on purely outdoor pursuits, others incorporate indoor activities such as music, sports, arts, or dance.

For example, at KLA Schools Summer Camp, children can explore a range of educational and fun activities such as sports, STEAM projects, learning about animals, and moving art.

What are the camp’s values?

A good summer camp should align with your family’s existing educational values and philosophy. Discuss the camp’s values and philosophy with its directors and ask questions about a typical day, how closely teachers work with children, if children are encouraged to discover things collaboratively, and other things that will help you better understand their philosophy.

Children attending KLA Schools Summer Camp spend time outdoors, and learn several skills such as teamwork, tolerance, self-esteem, and resiliency.

What are the camp’s policies?

A good summer camp will be happy to answer questions about topics like discipline, meals, medical supervision, how they handle conflict, and extra fees or costs. Understanding how a prospective summer camp operates day-to-day can help you decide if it’ll be right for your child.

Will the camp fit with your family’s schedule?

Whether or not you choose an overnight camp or a day camp, your family’s schedule must be considered. For example, ensure that the summer camp’s schedule won’t interfere with a family vacation, or that a day camp’s drop-off and pick-up times fit with your daily schedule.

Summer camp is full of enriching experiences and activities for your child. At KLA Schools Summer Camp, your child will enjoy these activities in a fun, non-competitive, and safe environment.