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Leading the way in the early childhood education industry.

The KLA Schools' way of learning, unique spaces, commitment to professional development, and partnership with parents provide real and visible benefits to children. Our innovative program for preschool and early childhood education is always evolving and being refined by our senior leadership and pedagogy teams to ensure that the needs of the children in our care are being met. KLA Schools actively partners with industry leaders and innovators in the Reggio Emilia Approach.

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Our Leadership Team

Passion, commitment, and vision--these are the qualities that the KLA Schools team embodies and strives to inspire in our school owners and directors. Changing the future of education starts with us and with the support we provide to our schools. Our leadership team is made up of individuals who have a wide range of experience in the preschool and early childhood industries. Together with our field support team, we provide our schools with the guidance and resources they need to provide the best early care and education possible to children and families in their communities.

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