Democratic parenting

There are many ideas and suggestions on how to raise a child, this is why we should always follow our hearts and instincts. It is necessary to build strong and meaningful bonds with our children, where they feel protected, loved and, respected. We can do this by being empathetic, by acknowledging their emotions and by being roles models for them. Offering a respectful upbringing is to listen and value not only to what the children have to say but also, to take into consideration their rights, needs and interests.

A democratic upbringing, is one in which the child's opinion counts, is valid and important, is one that teaches children to express themselves, without receiving criticism, without feeling judged nor guilty.

When parents offer different choices for the children to have the freedom to choose between one thing or another, when parents give the liberty to the children to solve their conflicts and when they let the children discover the world by themselves while having meaningful experiences, support their critical thinking which it’s crucial for adulthood.

When offering a democratic upbringing, children know that it is okay to make mistakes, that we can see them as opportunities and always learn from them, they feel safe because they are being loved while they receive support during their growth.

Everyone makes their best effort and what is within their reach to raise in the best way possible, remember that we are humans, we learn from our mistakes and when in doubt ask yourself if you would like to be treated how you are treating your children. Always remember, when we do things with love we will obtain excellent results.

Raquel Roa

Assistant Director of Professional Development

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