Fall-themed Sensory Play Ideas

The changing colors of fall are a great time to help your child learn through hands-on experiences. Sensory tables use materials to scoop, pour, and mix, and mediums to help your child interact with the materials. You can also use a bin or a plastic bottle for many sensory table ideas. Here are three fall-themed sensory play ideas.

Fall Leaves Water Sensory Bin

On your next family walk, consider encouraging your child to gather any brightly-colored leaves that catch their eye. Back at home, you can create a simple yet enjoyable sensory bin experience by placing these leaves in some water. Younger children can enjoy this fall-themed sensory bin idea as they can have fun splashing around and noticing the leaves’ changes in texture. You may want to add heaver materials and have fun with your child discussing how some float and some sink, and ask them their theories as to why this happens.

Colors of Fall Sensory Bin

Children love the bright and changing colors of fall, and a sensory bin can help them to identify these colors and explore the different textures of the season as well. Look for mediums and materials in classic fall colors – for example, you can use dried corn kernels, pumpkin seeds, leaves, pinecones, small gourds, and cinnamon sticks. This sensory bin is an ideal way to help your child explore the elements of fall.

Fall Harvest Sensory Bin

Fall is a great time for children to learn about where our food comes from, and how some fruits and vegetables are harvested in this season. Your child can use a sensory bin to explore these ideas. Fill your sensory bin with items such as small gourds, acorns, nuts, dried corn, and toy fruits and vegetables. Then, support your child in using small buckets, tongs, or even farm-related toys to harvest their own fall fruits and vegetables. Together you can discuss the different food items as your child explores the different textures, weights, and interactions of the materials.