Family New Year Celebrations

The end of the year is an ideal time to celebrate as a family, look back on the year, and plan for the year ahead. Here are some family-friendly New Year celebration ideas.

Ideas for a family-friendly New Year’s Eve

  • Discuss your favorite family moments of the year. Take some time as a family to share your favorite memories and stories. You can encourage your child to draw the memory, to help them get involved.
  • Create a scrapbook or time capsule. A scrapbook or time capsule can be unique ways to create a snapshot of your child’s life at a particular time. Some ideas for a time capsule include a photo of your child, a drawing, an example of their handwriting such as a story or their name, small mementos from the year, even a small item of clothing. You can store the scrapbook or time capsule in a small box, and uncover it next year for a fun memory.
  • Set family goals for the new year. Thinking about the end of the year is a great time to plan for the next year. Try setting family goals for the new year.
  • Have a family movie night on New Year’s Eve. A New Year’s Eve movie night is ideal for younger children who can’t stay up until midnight. Choose your family’s favorite movies and start a new tradition.
  • Discover how the New Year is celebrated in other places. The new year is commemorated in different ways around the world, and in different cultures. Together, you and your child can share New Year celebrations, and discover new ones. You can even go online and celebrate the New Year as it happens in different time zones.

Ideas for a family-friendly New Year’s Day

  • Create a new food tradition. Whether you’re sleeping in or have fun activities planned, try creating a new food tradition for the first day of the year. You can also explore traditional New Year’s Day foods from around the world, such as soba noodles, tamales, or lentils.
  • Spend time outdoors. No matter what the weather is like where you live, there’s most likely an outdoor activity that’s family-friendly and fun. Start the year off with your family by enjoying fresh air and some quality time.
  • Show gratitude and compassion for others. The proximity of New Year’s Eve to the holiday season makes it easy to show your child that compassion for others is a year-round concern. On New Year’s Day, discuss ways you can show kindness to those less fortunate throughout the year, or even right away.
  • Do something new. What’s more appropriate for a new family tradition than the first day of a new year? Enjoying a special dinner, a specific movie, or a fun family activity is a great way to create lasting family memories.