Fostering an Environment of Learning at Home

Whether your child is taking classes online or you’re looking for ways to supplement their education at home, there are many ways you can help provide a meaningful learning environment.

Try any or all of these tips to help foster an environment of learning at home.

Create an engaging learning space

The Reggio Emilia educational approach believes in the environment as a third teacher. Learning spaces should be both thoughtful and inviting, and materials should inspire children to think outside the box. No matter how much space you have to work with, look for a way to create an engaging area where your child can learn. For example, a small desk with their favorite colored pencils, crayons, and art materials readily accessible, or a bright corner of the living room where they can read without distraction.

Have learning items within easy reach

Whether it’s art supplies, books, dress-up clothes, or blocks, ensure that your child has easy access to a variety of educational materials. Depending on the age of your child, look for ways they can spontaneously create, build, or learn with minimal setup or supervision by you. When a child pursues their own creative ideas or questions, they can build their learning and development with determination and enthusiasm.

Work together with your child

Whether your child is doing a structured lesson or is investigating an idea of their own, you can work together to foster deeper learning. You can have a two-way discussion about what they’re learning, observe how they attempt to solve a problem, work together on a project, and think of ways you can tweak your environment to build upon your child’s learning.

Get your child involved

No matter your child’s age, you can get them involved in designing their ideal at-home learning environment. It can be as simple as asking your child what would help them learn best, or observing what materials, environments, and scenarios your child seems to respond to well. You can also get your child involved in decorating their space with photos, drawings, and other engaging items to help them have fun while learning at home.