Guidelines for Your Child's Daycare Clothing

When getting your child ready for preschool or daycare, it’s important to consider the clothing they will wear that day. The right clothing will ensure that your child is comfortable and happy, and can focus on learning new things.

Does your child need a uniform?

Some childcare centers require that children wear a uniform. With a uniform, there is one less thing to worry about every day, and children aren’t distracted by things like the superhero on their friend’s t-shirt. With a uniform, getting dressed each day will signal to your child that it’s time to prepare for their day at preschool or daycare.

If your childcare center does require a uniform, they will provide you with a list of guidelines to follow. These guidelines will cover not only the uniform itself, but also the appropriate shoes and jewelry. Childcare centers with uniforms will often require parents to send along one or two extra sets of clothing.

If your child does not need a uniform

For childcare centers that do not require a uniform, there are some additional guidelines to follow when it comes to clothing, including:

  • Clothing should be practical and comfortable. Comfortable clothes that fit properly will ensure that your child isn’t distracted by what they are wearing, and can focus on playing and learning. Clothes for preschool and daycare should also be easy to clean and free from hazards such as dangling strings or beads.
  • Ensure clothing is easy to get on and off. In daycare, diaper changes and potty breaks are frequent, and sometimes urgent. Make sure that your child’s outfit for the day will help avoid frustration for both your child and their caregivers.
  • Shoes should be safe. Footwear such as flip-flops or backless sandals are generally not appropriate for daycare. When running and playing, these shoes could increase the risk of injury.
  • Clothing should be weather-appropriate. Most childcare centers have an outdoor play area that is used regularly, so ensure that your child goes to daycare with appropriate clothing for the weather. Don’t forget related things such as sunscreen or mosquito repellent.
  • Label your child’s clothing. Daycare is a busy place, and items of clothing are often misplaced, forgotten, or accidentally put on a different child. Label your child’s clothing with their name, particularly items that will be removed such as mittens.
  • Send along an extra set of clothing. Outdoor activities, arts and crafts, and food can cause clothing to become soiled during your child’s day at preschool. Make sure to send along an extra set of clothing – including socks and underwear – in case things get messy.

What your child wears to daycare is an important consideration. With our guidelines for the right daycare clothing, your child will be comfortable and set up for a successful day of playing and learning.