Welcome to KLA Schools.

We believe the way we interact with children molds their inner voice.

Parents are the first and most influential teachers, while our dedicated, passionate educators become their second.

Our environment is the third teacher, ensuring high-quality early childhood education.

You'll quickly discover that we offer a high-quality education not just in academics, but also fostering emotional intelligence, inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach.

We are not your typical daycare. We don't babysit - we nurture tomorrow's confident leaders.

*KLA Schools of Naperville, Naperville West, and Plainfield are independently owned businesses operating under a franchise agreement with KLA Franchise, LLC.

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KLA Schools Educators provoke curiosity in young children

Three convenient locations

KLA Schools of Naperville
1440 Tuthill Rd, Naperville, IL 60563

6:30am - 6:30pm

KLA Schools of Naperville West
2719 Beebe Dr, Naperville, IL 60564

6:30am - 6:30pm

KLA Schools of Plainfield
12456 S. Van Dyke Road, Plainfield, IL 60585

6:30am - 6:30pm

Empowering children. Endless opportunities.

Give your child endless opportunities to flourish, and empower them to positively change the world. Why is KLA Schools so amazing? Watch this quick video to learn more about our innovative approach to early childhood education.

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The years before kindergarten are critical. Studies show 90% of a child’s brain development is completed by the time they reach 5 years of age.

What makes us unique. Why it’s better here.


Our educational philosophy is globally respected.

Our curriculum, classroom environment and facilities are inspired by the historically proven, and highly effective Reggio Emilia approach. It’s hailed as the best method in the world for early childhood education.

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We nurture the Whole Child.

Beyond academics, we focus on building social-emotional intelligence through real-world experiences. Children immersed in our environment gain self-confidence, self-regulation, superior critical-thinking abilities, empathy, and invaluable problem-solving techniques.

At KLA Schools teachers receive 12 times the required training.

Our teachers receive 12 times the training required.

In addition to being happy, passionate, and caring, our educators’ level of professional development surpasses all local and state expectations.


We use multiple channels to partner with parents.

Through a strong collaboration, together, we ensure these formative years for children lay a solid foundation for their successful life.

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Our programs give children the best start.

We offer a complete schedule full of variety. Children frequently continue with us, in some capacity, right through to adolescence. Most importantly, our advanced enrichment programs are accessible to all students.

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We nourish organically, with quality.

Proper nutrition leads to optimal performance and sets the tone for a healthy lifestyle ahead. We fuel children through preferred dietary options, ensuring that all meals, milk, and the majority of snacks are provided by OrganicLife®. For added variety, some snacks and breakfast items are sourced from trusted retailers like Costco and Whole Foods.

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Unique Spaces- Grand Piazza, STEM Atelier.

An engaging addition to our program, children extend upon their STEM, Art experiences in this specialized environment, where children further research the concepts. Through exploration, problem solving, and collaboration, the possibilities are endless!

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Certified Nature Explore Outdoor classroom

We believe it is critical to connect children with nature and the world around them. Our certified Nature explore outdoor classroom does exactly that. It gives opportunity for students to respect and connect with nature through various experiences on a daily basis.


Our facility operates in a sanitized environment.

We use ZONO Sanitech, a powerful deterrent that eliminates 99.9% of germs commonly found on toys, cots, books, and more. It prevents viruses and bacteria from spreading and is entirely safe for both children and adults.

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We spark the leader from within.

By exposing children to expert guest speakers and field trips, we cultivate their sense of curiosity, independence, and possibilities. These interactions give children inspirational perspectives from authentic, accomplished role models living in their community.

Quality early childhood education is fundamental to achieving lifelong success. At KLA Schools, we give children the best start in life. Doesn’t your child deserve that too?

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Parent Testimonials

  • We absolutely love this school! As an elementary school teacher, it was important to me to find a school that nurtures creativity, encourages problem-solving, and builds language in a loving, positive environment. KLA does all that and more! I have been so impressed with how KLA's Reggio Emilia philosophy shines through all they do, as the teachers create thought-provoking experiences with the children each day.

    B. Short, Plainfield

  • My daughter started going to a home daycare at 7 months. I knew she needed more of a challenge once she reached preschool and transition to KLA was very smooth. She's blossomed into such a confident little girl, and I credit that to her teachers. KLA has the school feel and experience I knew she needed, and I am thankful that every day begins with my daughter's burst of excitement as we arrive at school and ends with a detailed description of her day on the ride home.

    Sara G., Plainfield

  • KLA has been such a wonderful experience for my son. Mrs. Kelly is amazing with kids. You can tell that she truly loves what she does and loves the children. She has made me feel 100% comfortable leaving my son there, knowing that he is having a great time while he is there, as well as learning the fundamentals that he’ll need in the future. I love that I receive daily communications about his activities and progress.

    Lorrie W., Plainfield

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KLA Schools has ranked #1 for Employment, Education and Child Care Services in America's Best Customer Service Companies List 2023 from Newsweek!

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KLA Schools Franchise - Our approach makes a difference for children.

Every day in KLA Schools around the country our franchisees are changing the world and their communities one child at a time. Our innovative approach inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy, holistic environments, proprietary e-learning platform, and passion from every member of our support team help set our owners up for success.

Visit the link below to learn more about the path to becoming a KLA Schools preschool owner!

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