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We hold a deep belief that our engagement with children fundamentally shapes their intrinsic self-perception.

Parents, as the first and most impactful educators, pave the way, followed closely by our dedicated and enthusiastic teaching team.

Our unique environment, our third teacher, upholds the standard of premium early childhood education.

With a unique focus on cultivating not only intellectual but also emotional intelligence, our approach is guided by the principles of the Reggio Emilia methodology.

*KLA Schools of Plainfield is an independently owned business operating under a franchise agreement with KLA Franchise, LLC

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KLA Schools of Plainfield

12456 S Van Dyke Rd
Plainfield, IL 60585

M-F 6:30AM - 6:30PM

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Empowering children. Endless opportunities.

Give your child endless opportunities to flourish, and empower them to positively change the world. Why is the Reggio Emilia Approach so amazing? Watch this quick video and hear from a real KLA Schools parent about what you can expect when you join the KLA family.

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The years before kindergarten are critical. Studies show 90% of a child’s brain development is completed by the time they reach 5 years of age.

What makes us unique. Why it’s better here.


Our educational philosophy is globally respected.

Our teaching ethos is celebrated across the international educational landscape. Our study program, learning atmosphere, and facilities draw from the timeless, efficient Reggio Emilia approach, lauded as the top-notch model for early childhood education,


We nurture the Whole Child.

We are committed to cultivating the Whole Child. Beyond the academic sphere, we dedicate our efforts to nurturing emotional intelligence through real-world scenarios. Children who participate in our environment acquire self-assurance, emotional regulation, enhanced critical-thinking capabilities, empathy, and essential problem-solving methods.


Our teachers receive 12 times the training required.

Our teachers partake in professional growth programs that far exceed required standards, receiving nine times the mandatory training. Besides being enthusiastic, devoted, and nurturing, our teachers' professional advancement overshadows all local and regional benchmarks.


We use multiple channels to partner with parents.

Our collaboration with parents unfolds across multiple platforms. Together, we strive to make sure that the formative years of children establish a strong basis for their future accomplishments.


Our programs give children the best start.

Our educational offerings set children on the path to success. Our comprehensive, diverse schedule often sees children staying connected with us in different ways until their teen years. Significantly, our progressive enrichment programs are open to all learners.


We nourish organically, with quality.

Proper nutrition leads to optimal performance and sets the tone for a healthy lifestyle ahead. We fuel children through preferred dietary options, ensuring that all meals, milk, and the majority of snacks are provided by OrganicLife®. For added variety, some snacks and breakfast items are sourced from trusted retailers like Costco and Whole Foods.

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Unique Spaces- Grand Piazza, STEM Atelier.

Our unique facilities, including the Grand Piazza and STEM Atelier, add a new dimension to our program. These specialized settings allow children to further their STEM and Art explorations, fostering an environment of exploration, problem-solving, and collaboration.

Outdoor class

Certified Nature Explore Outdoor classroom

We boast a certified Nature Explore Outdoor classroom. It's our belief that integrating children with nature and their surroundings is paramount. Our outdoor classroom facilitates this by providing students with daily opportunities to interact with nature through a host of experiences.

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Our facility operates in a sanitized environment.

We maintain a sterile environment within our facility. We utilize ZONO Sanitech, an effective sanitation mechanism that eliminates 99.9% of common germs found on toys, cots, books, and more. It halts the spread of viruses and bacteria and is completely safe for both children and adults.


We spark the leader from within.

We aim to ignite the innate leadership qualities within each child. By bringing them into contact with expert guest speakers and organizing field trips, we foster their curiosity, independence, and potential. These engagements offer children motivational insights from genuine, successful community role models within their community.

Quality early childhood education is fundamental to achieving lifelong success. At KLA Schools of Plainfield, we give children the best start in life. Doesn’t your child deserve that too?

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A dynamic preschool education inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach

Active learning

Children blossom and grow when they experience positive, caring relationships with their teachers. The Reggio Emilia Approach encourages and supports student achievement in all developmental areas.

Unique environments

Children learn as much from their environment as they do from the caring adults in their lives. Our distinctive classrooms and shared spaces are designed with safety in mind and matched to various stages of your child’s development and growth.

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Innovative & Evolving

When children connect experiences outside of school to their experiences in the classroom, they become confident learners. Our Reggio Emilia-inspired approach will enhance your child's learning and boost their confidence.

Parent Testimonials

  • We love KLA! The school philosophy promotes creativity and instills a love of learning in children, and we have seen them both thrive. The school culture is warm, positive, and supportive, with plenty of opportunities for parent engagement.

    Heather C.

  • Thanks to the dedicated teachers at KLA, my daughter has transformed into a confident young girl. Every day, I am grateful for her excitement as we open the school door and hear about her day on the ride home.

    Nikki A.

  • We have been at this school 3 months now and really love it. We have a 4 year old and a baby. We love the way the classrooms are set up. Selvei, the owner, has clearly put a great deal of effort and heart into this school.

    Rachel M.

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Our programs give children the opportunity to apply learning experiences to their daily lives and provide a flexible, differentiated education that provokes inquiry, active learning, collaborative work, and problem-solving skills.

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KLA Schools has ranked #1 for Employment, Education and Child Care Services in America's Best Customer Service Companies List 2023 from Newsweek!

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KLA Schools Franchise - Our approach makes a difference for children.

Every day in KLA Schools around the country our franchisees are changing the world and their communities one child at a time. Our innovative approach inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy, holistic environments, proprietary e-learning platform, and passion from every member of our support team help set our owners up for success.

Visit the link below to learn more about the path to becoming a KLA Schools preschool owner!

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