Parent Involvement


We honor parents as their children's first teachers.

Whether through interactions with teachers, communications from our parent app, or spending time together at school events, we value getting to know our parents and are committed to building a strong and vibrant school community.

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Working together leads to better outcomes for children

Collab teal


Collaboration among teachers, parents, and children strengthens the power of the educational experiences in the classroom.

We do not limit our goals to building strong, warm, and nurturing connections only with the children, but we extend our goal to connect with our families and communities.

Children benefit from these partnerships by experiencing many of the same principles at home as they do in school, and they thrive in this consistent environment.

Communication orange


Teachers communicate frequently in order to support our families and our communities. We are here as a trusted resource for information about educating and developing the whole child.

We use multiple channels to communicate with parents, and our mobile app adds to your families’ experience by ensuring that you receive photos, reports, and notes from your child’s classroom.

Safety pink


When families and school teams adhere to the policies in our family handbook and work together to create a harmonious community, children are safe in our school--both physically and emotionally.


Special Events

STEM Fair encourages children aged 2 and older to work on a science project at home and display it at school for their peers and the rest of the school community to see.

Fine Arts Festival showcases the progress and diverse array of work of our students throughout the year and is an opportunity for everyone to come together and celebrate.

Literacy Night is celebrated in April during the Week of the Young Child. Students read, write books, and present their book-inspired creations to the community.

Cultural Night is the culmination of our year-round work to learn about and acknowledge the many different cultures in our community. We celebrate with food, music, and by sharing family traditions.

We're proud of our parent community

Our parent community extends to our Naperville and Naperville West locations. See below for a taste of what it's like to be part of our community!

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