Let us give your child the best start in life.

We know that there are plenty of choices for preschools, and enrolling your child at KLA Schools means you're looking for more than just having them supervised in your absence. It means that you want to give your child a superior early childhood education.

Our outstanding educators are excited to nurture your child's curiosity, confidence, self-esteem, and kindness through their formative years.

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Our Enrollment Process



You can make an admissions inquiry by:

• Filling the Inquiry Form
• Calling us on 1-855-564-6552
• Emailing us at [email protected]

We’d be happy to talk with you and provide information about our school.


Plan a virtual information session

Once we receive your inquiry, our admissions team will call/email you to take your inquiry forward. You can schedule a virtual information session during the weekdays by:

• Filling out the Schedule a Visit Form
• Calling us on 1-855-564-6552
• Emailing us at [email protected]

We’d love to provide insights about our school. We are excited to meet you and show you firsthand our dedication to excellence in early childhood education.


School visit

The in-person School visits are scheduled every other Saturdays. If you ready to start immediately you can visit the School after hours on weekdays. During the in-person visit, you’ll have the opportunity to see our environment, meet our highly talented and compassionate team, witness the benefits we provide for our students and have the chance to ask any and all questions you may have that could help you decide on enrolling your child at KLA Schools.

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Submit an application and sign the tuition contract

When you feel KLA Schools is the right fit for your child, you can submit the online Application Form and provide the required documents that will be shared with you by the admissions team. Complete the forms, Sign using DocuSign and Submit it with your non-refundable Application fees.

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Exploration and orientation

Once your application is processed, the school Principal will provide you with a welcome packet, school calendar, access to our parent app and additional resources to support your child with transitions.



It is so great to have you join the KLA Schools community. Your child will thrive here.

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