Physical Education Benefits for Children

Children love to run and play, and for them it’s more than just a fun way to pass the time. Physical education has numerous benefits in early childhood, and a good preschool or daycare center will ensure that kids move and play often throughout their day. Here are some of the benefits of physical education for children.

1) Physical education encourages physical health in children

The most immediate benefit to physical education for children is that it improves their overall physical health and fitness. According to the CDC, “Children ages 3 through 5 years need to be active throughout the day. Children and adolescents ages 6 through 17 need to be active for 60 minutes every day.”

Well-rounded physical education will ensure that your child’s heart and lung health, muscular fitness, and bone strength are improved.

2) Physical education improves your child’s mental health

Physical activity has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, and this is true of children as well. Additionally, exercise supports a child’s independence, self-esteem, and feelings of self-worth. Regular physical activity has also been shown to encourage sleep and reduce “acting out” behaviors in children.

3) Physical education teaches children good lifelong habits

Habits learned in the early years will support your child to build a foundation that will last them well into adulthood. Regular physical education demonstrates to children how they can work physical activity such as walking, bicycle or scooter riding, and general movement into their everyday lives.

4) Physical education helps children learn

Studies by the CDC have shown that physical activity in children has a positive impact on their cognitive skills, and can also improve academic achievements such as literacy and math fluency. In these studies, students enjoyed 5-20 minutes of physical activity in the classroom, in addition to recess and physical education classes. This suggests that the amount of exercise needed to see these benefits can easily be incorporated into your child’s daily life.

These are just four physical education benefits for children. To help boost your child’s physical and mental health, encourage good lifelong habits, and support their learning, ensure that their daycare or preschool incorporates physical education regularly.