Tips for Balancing Work and Family

With all that goes into our careers, family life, and personal life, balancing everything can seem difficult. However, you can get closer to being able to balance work and family in the way that works best for you. Here are some ideas.

  1. Find good childcare. Whether you need infant, toddler, preschool, kindergarten, or before/after school programs, a good childcare center will partner with you to educate and nurture your child during your workday.
  2. Delegate or cut some tasks at work and home where possible, particularly if they’re making you less productive. Ask for help if you’re feeling overwhelmed by a particular task.
  3. Investigate the possibility of working more flexible hours or working from home wherever possible.
  4. Set boundaries between work and home life – try to not take work stress or responsibilities home with you. If you work from home, resist the temptation to check emails or return messages after work hours. Ensure you have clear working hours that both you and your coworkers and clients adhere to.
  5. Use your trip home to help you transition from a work mindset to a family mindset. Think of what you and your family can do after dinner, or listen to your favorite podcast or music to help you wind down.
  6. Ask for help if you need more time to get everything done. For example, you may be able to arrange a rotating carpool school drop-off schedule with neighbors.
  7. Try waking up a few minutes earlier in the morning to create a quick to-do list or list of your top priorities for the day. It can feel difficult to get started in the morning, but creating even a rough plan for the day can help you feel more in control and prepared.
  8. Do as much as possible in advance the night before, such as preparing lunches, or laying out your child’s clothes and school things.
  9. Allow your child more independence with tasks at home in an age-appropriate way.
  10. Wherever possible, stick to an evening routine. This will help you be more present in your family life, and will help your child know what to expect from you each night.
  11. However, don’t stick to the routine too strictly. A spontaneous movie night at home or meal at your family’s favorite restaurant can be a fun way for everyone to create memories
  12. Schedule special dates with your partner, or one-on-one activities with your child. Not only will this help you ensure you’re not overlooking anyone in your family, but it will remind the other person that you consider time with them to be important.
  13. Learn to identify those tasks and activities that can take time away from your family responsibilities, and which ones you can say no to.
  14. Have regular check-ins with your partner and other family members to make sure that nobody is feeling overwhelmed or overlooked.
  15. Take time for yourself to ensure you’re not overlooking your own emotional health. Whether it’s exercise, meditation, reading, or something else you enjoy, make self-care a priority so you can more effectively handle your work and parenting duties.

Finding a good balance between work and family responsibilities can seem challenging, but with these tips, you might find it easier to create that balance.