What Parents Can Expect the First Few Weeks of School

Going back to school is a significant event in a child’s life, and it isn’t always an easy transition. Here are some things parents can expect in the first few weeks of your child being back at school.

  • Your child may experience separation anxiety at drop-off time. Here are some ways to help handle back-to-school separation anxiety.
  • Increased tiredness. Your child is learning a lot of new things and having new experiences, and it can make them more tired than usual.
  • Increased emotions. Some children respond to new experiences with increased emotions or energy. Help your child work through these feelings and give them opportunities to play and get their energy out.
  • More meltdowns. Adjusting to the school year can be bumpy, and it’s possible that your child can get upset quicker than before. Try to be patient, and encourage relaxing activities at home.
  • Adjustments to the routine. Even if you’ve practiced your school-year routine before the first day of school, your child may still have days when it’s more difficult than others. Remain patient and flexible, and keep trying.
  • Your child may need more downtime than expected. Depending on your child, they may want to have more alone time or quiet time during the first few weeks of school in order to help them recharge.
  • Shifting friendships at school. Children are often still getting to know each other for several weeks after school starts, so your child may not have a consistent set of friends for a while. This is normal, but encourage your child to talk about their feelings if they seem upset about it.

To help your child adjust to the first few weeks of school, try keeping their home life as consistent and predictable as possible. This will allow them a safe environment to process their feelings and get used to the new school routine. Try to not schedule any major events or classes for your child during the first few weeks or school, and talk to your child’s teacher for advice if needed.