5 Preschool Art Projects Using Natural Materials

With the warmer weather upon us, it is an ideal time to try some new arts and crafts projects with your preschooler. Using a few simple craft items as well as plenty of materials found in the great outdoors, these five art projects are fun and easy.

Rock or Shell Sculpture

Whether you’re on the beach or strolling in the park, small natural materials such as shells and rocks are perfect for creating sculptures and interesting formations. Your child may want to build vertically, or focus on designing interesting shapes or patterns on the ground – which will help them to develop their math skills. With a myriad of colors, shapes, and textures, the possibilities are limitless.

Twig Raft

Your preschooler can get involved in creating this craft by finding similarly-sized twigs outside, and then you can build the raft using hot glue, twine, and felt. This art project is not only fun to create, but it becomes a toy as well – something your preschooler will enjoy even more.

Watch a how-to video on Parents’ website.

Leaf Paintbrushes

A natural paintbrush made of leaves is a fun way to use natural materials as both the art project, and a means of creating more art. You will need some twigs, twine, and leaves. Experiment with different types of leaves and ask your child what sorts of patterns each leaf texture makes.

Learn how to make leaf paintbrushes at Learning 4 Kids.

Leaf Prints

Similarly to the leaf paintbrushes, these leaf prints use the leaf itself to create the art. Aside from leaves, all you’ll need is some child-friendly paint, paper plates, and large pieces of paper. You may also want to cover your work area with some newspaper to catch paint drips. Have your child collect leaves in a variety of interesting shapes and sizes. Pour out some paint onto paper plates and let your child paint their leaves however they would like. Then, turn the leaf paint-side down onto the paper. Have your child press down on all areas of the leaf to ensure good coverage. Slowly lift the leaf off the paper, and see what colorful creation your child has made.

Flower Suncatcher

The colors, patterns. and shapes of flowers can spark a preschooler’s imagination. With paper plates, scissors, transparent contact paper, a hole punch, and yarn, you can create a beautiful floral art project that the whole family can enjoy. These suncatchers also make a thoughtful gift for family and friends.

Find out how to make a flower suncatcher at The Artful Parent.

Children love to learn about the world around them. These five art projects use materials easily found outdoors, and are an ideal way for your child to discover nature.