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Pilar Rodriguez


Growing up in Cordoba (Argentina), with strong family values, my interest and fascination with early childhood education became increasingly evident. At the age of 20, this vocation led me to study Preschool Education, and these formal introspections and research continue to be part of my daily life and professional commitment.

After being a preschool teacher for seven years in Argentina, opportunities in Miami as a Pedagogical Coordinator and Director offered me an administrative opportunity to understand other aspects of the school and to provide a quality education to families, which would undoubtedly impact the entire community.

Zaida Alfonzo

Zaida Alfonso

Pedagogical Director / Operator

Hi there, my name is Zaida Elena Alfonzo. I am currently pursuing a bachelor's in Psychology to understand how people learn and process information. I've been with KLA Schools for the last 14 years taking on the roles of assistant teacher, co-teacher, head-teacher, and currently I am the pedagogical coordinator of KLA Aventura. Moreover, I've inaugurated both KLA Brickell, in Miami and KLA Walnut Creek, in California.

At KLA, we've worked diligently in creating beautiful spaces for children, families, and teachers. This educational project has been life-altering, a blessing, and an ever-growing journey. My goal is to bring awareness to the possibilities that listening to young children's thinking can bring to our society. Truly exciting!


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