Encouraging Your Child to Help in the Kitchen

KLA Schools is your parenting partner, and we’re committed to supporting a child’s health and wellbeing. Children are naturally curious, and empowering them to satisfy their curiosity in the kitchen can teach vital life skills while building self-confidence and a sense of responsibility. Here are some age-appropriate ways to encourage your child to help in the kitchen.

Start small

Support your child in the kitchen by offering them tasks they have a reasonable chance of accomplishing. For example, your preschooler can help you measure ingredients while cooking, or your school-aged child can read out the recipe to you step-by-step.

Give your child a sense of ownership

When a child has a task of their own in the kitchen, it can foster a sense of pride and confidence. Some examples of kid-friendly kitchen tasks include washing the veggies, choosing that evening’s recipe, or assembling all the ingredients. Let them know that they’re in charge of that task, and you won’t step in unless they need you.

Review kitchen safety

Your child may be eager to help in the kitchen, but it’s vital to know that safety comes first. Ensure that they know not do anything without asking you beforehand, and what things to stay away from. You can even review this list of 7 kitchen safety rules together.

Choose kid-friendly recipes

While your child may love eating some of your more complex dishes, they may have a better time if they can help with something more manageable. Some ideas for easy recipes your child can help you cook are:

  • Omelets with cheese your child’s favorite veggies
  • Fruit-filled pancakes
  • Quesadillas
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Chili
  • Pasta with tomato sauce and veggies like mushrooms and spinach
  • Grilled cheese sandwiches

As always, supervise your child and judge when it’s best to take over when it comes to knives and hot stoves and ovens.