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Travel Tips for Preschoolers

Tips for Smoother Family Vacations

No matter the length or distance of your family vacation, you might be anxious about making it as painless of a process as you can. Here are some…

Parent involvement reggio emilia

Reggio Emilia and Parent Involvement

In the Reggio Emilia early childhood education philosophy followed at KLA Schools, we…

Ideas for decorating your child bedroom

Child Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Is your child settling into their bedroom for the first time, or do they just want something new? Try these child bedroom decoration ideas for a…

How to encourage a childs love of reading

Supporting Your Young Child in Reading

Literacy is a critical early childhood skill, and it strengthens a child’s natural curiosity and imagination. At KLA Schools,

Understanding toddler tantrums

Understanding Toddler Tantrums

Tantrums are a normal facet of early childhood development, but they can feel overwhelming – both for your child and for you. Here are some…

Self Care for Parents Why Its Important

Self-Care for Parents: Why It's Important

With our busy work and home lives, there can be lots to juggle. Many parents find themselves overwhelmed or frazzled with all they have to take…

Educational Childrens Books About Birds

Educational Children's Books About Birds

In spring, many children show an interest in birds and want to know more about them. Here are 4 educational children’s books about birds that you…

Tips choosing good summer camp

Tips for Choosing a Good Summer Camp

At summer camp, your child can have fun and learn new things in a supportive and secure environment. Here are some tips for choosing a good summer…

Healthy winter meals for kids

Healthy Winter Meals for Kids

Winter meals are often hearty and comforting, but they can be nutritious too. Here are some healthy winter meals for kids that the entire family…

Creating a Dedicated Learning Space at Home

Creating a Dedicated Learning Space at Home

The Reggio Emilia Philosophy followed at KLA Schools believes that the environment in which a…

Winter Themed Crafts for Preschoolers

Winter-Themed Crafts for Preschoolers

Winter is an ideal time to cozy up at home as a family and create together. Try these winter-themed craft ideas with your preschooler.

Enrichment programs kla schools

Choosing the Best Enrichment Programs

When school is out of session, many parents want a positive environment where their school-aged child can explore their interests and learn new…

Helping your child build healthy relationships

Supporting Your Child in Making New Friends

Making new friends is an important aspect of early childhood. Not only will getting along with others help children have an easier time in social…

What is the Best Bedtime for Your Child

What is the Best Bedtime for Your Child?

How do you know what is the best bedtime for your child? Children go through many phases as they grow, so many parents aren’t sure about the best…

Encouraging Your Child to Help in the Kitchen

Encouraging Your Child to Help in the Kitchen

KLA Schools is your parenting partner, and we’re committed to supporting a child’s health and wellbeing. Children are naturally curious, and…

Creating Family Holiday Traditions

Creating Family Holiday Traditions

Holiday traditions are a wonderful way for families to build memories. Even if there are things you’ve done every year, there are always more fun…

The importance of routine for kids

The Importance of Routine for Kids

According to Dr. Peter Gorski of Harvard Medical School, knowing what to expect from daily life can develop a child’s confidence. Here are some…

Supporting hands on learning in childhood

Supporting Hands-On Learning in Childhood

Children learn through hands-on learning. A recent study showed that preschoolers were less likely to explore and learn for themselves after an…

Thanksgiving Books for Children

Thanksgiving Books for Children

With Thanksgiving approaching, it’s an ideal time to get ready for the season by reading with your child. Enjoy these popular Thanksgiving books…

Age Appropriate STEAM Activities for Children

Age-Appropriate STEAM Activities for Children

At KLA Schools, each of our classrooms features age-appropriate technology materials. Rather than separating STEAM activities into a standalone…

Keeping Your Young Child Safe Online

Keeping Your Young Child Safe Online

Over the years, websites and apps like YouTube and TikTok have skyrocketed in popularity, with many users being children. Because of this, many…

How to Choose the Best After School Care

How to Choose the Best After School Care

We know that the workday doesn’t always begin or end with the school day, and we're proud to support busy families with after school programs.…

Reggio emilia curriculum copy

What to Look for in a Reggio Emilia Curriculum

In the Reggio Emilia early childhood educational philosophy, there is an expression: “A child has a hundred languages.” These languages – which…

Water safety tips kids

Water Safety Tips for Kids

According to the National SAFE Kids Campaign and the National Safety Council, drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional death in…

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