Fourth of July Books for Children

The Fourth of July is an exciting time, and children love all the celebrations that go along with it. However, it can also be an ideal opportunity to spend some quality time with your child that’s fun and educational. Here are some books you can read together to help your child learn more about Independence Day.

Corduroy's Fourth of JulyAge range: 2-3 years

Children love the adventures of Corduroy, and this book will help children learn about all the fun they can expect to have on the Fourth of July. The bright colors and simple text make it enjoyable for toddlers to read with you.

The Night Before the Fourth of JulyAge range: 3-5 years

Inspired by The Night Before Christmas, this book follows a family as they get ready for their Fourth of July celebrations. Children will learn about the events of the day while enjoying the rhyming story.

John, Paul, George & BenAge range: 3-7 years

While this book isn’t a strictly accurate retelling of the famous founding fathers, children and parents alike will enjoy it. Its light and fun tone will inspire your child to learn more, and parents will appreciate the humor as well.

Hats Off for the Fourth of July

Age range: 3 - 8 years

With rhyming text and vivid illustrations, this book helps children learn about all the fun of an Independence Day parade.

Apple Pie Fourth of July

Age range: 4-7 years

Whether your family is new to the USA or has been living here for generations, this book helps your child learn about the way different cultures can incorporate their own traditions into the Fourth of July.

Founding Mothers: Remembering the LadiesAge range: 6-10 years

Many of us know the stories of America’s founding fathers such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. This book shares stories of some of the women who also had an important role to play in the American Revolution.

These books are just a selection from the wide variety of Fourth of July books for children that are available. This Independence Day, enjoy the celebrations while helping your child learn more about the importance of the day.