Fun Fourth of July Activities for Children

The Fourth of July is a great time to celebrate with the whole family, and kids are especially excited to join in the festivities. However, parents of young children are often concerned about the safety aspect of setting off fireworks. Here are some safe, fun, and fireworks-free Independence Day activities that young children can enjoy.

  • Have a Barbecue – A Fourth of July barbecue is a classic for a reason. It’s fun for the whole family, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or take up a lot of time. Be sure to read our tips on eating outdoors with your child.
  • Hold a Scavenger Hunt – One fun activity that’s great for outdoors is a Fourth of July-themed scavenger hunt. You can ask children to search for things such as stuffed eagle toys, things in the shape of a star, or baseballs.
  • Draw with Sidewalk Chalk – You don’t need to limit yourself to the colors of the flag, but you can help your children celebrate the Fourth of July by getting artistic. You can ask them to draw what America means to them, or have them color in their own stars and stripes.
  • Attend a Parade – Many cities and towns across America have fun Fourth of July parades that offer entertainment for children as well as adults. Be sure to plan ahead and pack necessary items such as water, snacks, and sunscreen.
  • Read Fourth of July books – There are many books to help children understand the significance of Independence Day in terms they understand. Two highly-rated children’s books include The Fourth of July Story and Happy 4th of July, Jenny Sweeney!
  • Make a Flag Mosaic – Crafts such as this colorful mosaic will not only help children learn about the American flag, it will develop their fine motor skills and teach them about color, too. Find instructions on how to make a flag mosaic here - you can make a smaller flag as well, using this template.
  • Create a Colorful Sensory Bin – Take the red, white, and blue theme one step further and create a fun sensory bin experience for your child. This site offers instructions for making red rice and blue star-shaped noodles. You can add mediums to the sensory bin such as scoops, animal toys, and star-shaped buttons.

These seven ideas are fun, family-friendly ways you and your child can celebrate Independence Day this year. What’s more, they’re also fireworks-free, so you can feel confident that your child will have a safe and happy time.