Holiday Season Crafts for Preschoolers

The holidays are rife with imagery, colors, and ideas that can spark a preschooler’s imagination. Here are some fun and creative holiday craft ideas for your preschooler.

Hanukkah Menorah Shape Collage

This Hanukkah craft can help your child recognize and create shapes, and practice counting. It is also an ideal way for your preschooler to participate in lighting a menorah that is still safe.

Find instructions for creating the Hanukkah Menorah Shape Collage here.

Paper Snowflakes

Folding and cutting paper snowflakes is a fun winter tradition the whole family can enjoy. If your preschooler’s safety scissors skills are still being developed, they can decorate the paper before you cut.

Find ideas for paper snowflakes here.

Sugar Ornaments

Ideal for a Christmas tree, you and your preschooler can create these ornaments using only sugar, water, glitter, Christmas cookie cutters, and ribbon. Your child can help you to mix the dough, cut the ornaments, decorate, and thread the ribbon through the ornament.

Find instructions for making sugar ornaments here.

Yarn-Wrapped Window Ornaments

These creative ornaments are an idea that doesn’t have to be limited to the holidays. Your child can express their creativity and hone their fine motor skills with this easy craft. All you need is cardboard, scissors, and some yarn in different colors.

Find out how to make yarn-wrapped window ornaments here.

Fake Snow

With just baking soda and shaving cream, your child can create their own artificial snow. This messy, hands-on craft is ideal for a sensory tub, or to play with outdoors in warmer climates.

Get instructions for making fake snow here.