Five Springtime Activities for the Family

Milder spring weather is nearly here, and many families are eager to spend more time outdoors. Here are five springtime activities the whole family can enjoy.

Explore your town

If the weather is warmer where you live, it can be an ideal time to get to know the attractions of your local area. Many of us drive past local museums, galleries, nature areas, farms, and parks on a regular basis, and make a note to visit some day. This spring, why not make a point to check some of those places off your list? Many family-friendly attractions are inexpensive or free, and can offer something fun and educational for everyone.

Learn about other cultures

Help your child learn empathy and meet members of your community by enjoying a cultural event near you. Whether it’s centered around food, music, history, art, language, or dance, there are bound to be many cultural events to choose from this spring. Check your local newspaper or go online to find events near you. Not only are cultural events fun and educational, they are also often very affordable.

Spend an afternoon in the park

With milder weather and longer days, a day in the park is a classic springtime family activity. You can have a picnic or barbecue, play a game of catch or soccer, or go for a nature walk to watch for the signs of spring. If you have older children, you could even do all of these activities, making a full day in the great outdoors.

Discover nature

What better time is there to learn about nature than spring? Children love to learn about nature, and there are many fun ways the whole family can help. For example, you can make a bird feeder together, and then spend the season watching the local birds return home for the summer. You can also have your child take photos of the birds they see, or draw them in a notebook.

Try creating an apple bird feeder, or a bird feeder without peanut butter.

Investigate your local library or community center

Local libraries and community centers offer a wealth of fun family-friendly spring activities. You could visit the library for storytime, enjoy open swim times at the municipal pool, or even take advantage of drop-in times to play a sport together. Libraries and recreation centers are also ideal places for the family to spend a rainy spring day.

No matter what activities your family enjoys, there are many options this spring. These five family-friendly springtime activities will help everyone have fun and spend quality time together.