Setting Family Holiday Goals

This time of year, many of us are thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. However, setting goals for the holiday season can be an ideal time for your entire family to set goals. Here are some tips for setting family holiday goals.

Take time to sit down together

Being able to get together and have a discussion is the best way to identify family goals for the holidays. The length of time you can do this depends on your schedule and the age of your children, but do the best you can. As a family, discuss things you would like to accomplish this holiday season, and ways you can meet your goals.

Write down all ideas

Brainstorming is a vital part of goal-setting. Not only does it encourage creativity and allows everyone to participate. In particular, children like to feel involved in the family, and that their ideas have value. No matter how small or big, write down all goals and discuss them later.

Discuss and choose a few goals

Even if every family holiday goal idea sounds wonderful, it’s important to remember your family’s time and resources. Be sure to set goals that you have a reasonable chance of accomplishing. Discuss ways that all family members can work together to meet the goals, and write down the action steps with timelines.

Incorporate written and visual aids

Younger children may not be able to follow along with a written to-do list, so it may benefit them to use visual aids. For example, if one of your family holiday goals is to read more books together, you can draw the family reading. No matter which format your goals list takes, post it somewhere where everyone can see it.

Adjust as necessary

Setting family holiday goals is an ideal opportunity to teach your child about how to work together. Review your goals regularly to see if you need to make adjustments. If a component of your plan isn’t working as intended, take the time to discuss how you can fix the issue together.

Ideas for Family Holiday Goals

Do more winter activities together, such as sledding or skating

  • Create gifts for each other instead of purchasing them
  • Reserve three evenings per week for family time instead of holiday engagements
  • Spend more time with extended family
  • Bake holiday treats together
  • Cook more meals together
  • Donate food, winter clothes, toys and other items to your local food bank or homeless shelter
  • Have a family holiday movie night
  • Start a new holiday tradition
  • Create New Year’s Resolutions
  • Think of family traditions to start in the new year

The holiday season is an ideal time to gather as a family and plan some goals. Brainstorm ideas, choose the main goals, and remain flexible and work together, and your family will have a holiday season to remember fondly.