Summer Camp


Join us this summer!

Calling all explorers! Join KLA Schools' 'Urban Explorers' summer camp, where children will explore construction wonders, diverse homes, and the secrets of nature's architects. It's a summer of discovery and fun!

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Summer Camp Sessions

KLA Schools of Huntsville summer camp will offer 4 sessions. Our summer dates are from June 3rd - July 31st.

Session 1: June 3rd - June 14th

Home Sweet Home: Exploring diverse homes in your context

Session 2: June 17th - June 28th

Building Wonders: Unveiling the secrets of construction sites

Session 3: July 1st - July 12th

Parks and Playgrounds Adventure: Discovering play areas from your surroundings

Session 4: July 15th - July 31st

Nature's Architects: Learning from the building skills of animals

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Summer camp ages and session dates vary by school. Contact us to learn more about our summer programs.

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