Erica Koegel

Executive Director

My journey with KLA Schools began in 2013 as the School Principal of the Plainfield location. I am now the Executive Director for all three locations Naperville, Naperville West, and Plainfield, to support the School Principals and team since 2021. I see the children as competent individuals capable of learning through meaningful experiences, thought-provoking, and in-depth, real-life investigations.

Children are curious, and according to Carl Saga, "Every kid starts out a natural scientist." The Reggio Emilia Philosophy allows children to problem solve, think critically, and develop self-confidence. I believe that parents are the most important teachers in a child's life. As educators, we partner with parents and encourage families to be involved in our School.


Carrie Hemmer

Director of Admissions, Finance & Communications

I first joined the KLA Team in 2017, where I was a Lead Pre-K Teacher and the Assistant Principal at our Plainfield location. In January 2020, I accepted my newest role as Director of Admissions and Finances for all three of our locations: Naperville, Naperville West, and Plainfield.

As the Director of Admissions, I look forward to sharing our beliefs and values with new families as we begin our partnership in laying the foundation for their children. Being one of the first to meet our newest members of the KLA Family, it brings me joy to watch the children find their sense of belonging within our schools and see how much they grow throughout the years.

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Kelly Collins

School Principal

My name is Kelly Collins, and I am the School Principal here at KLA Schools of Naperville West. I have been active in early childhood education for 17 years and with KLA for 3 years. Before teaching, I was in corporate for many years. Once my husband and I had our second child, we decided I needed to find my true passion. I truly enjoy every aspect of teaching and watching the children blossom into their own individuals. I love knowing that each day will be different from the day before! I believe in positive redirection and encouraging children to solve problems for themselves.

I have been married 24 years to my husband Matt, and we have 2 amazing children. As my children get older, I can appreciate the younger years. If I knew then what I know now, I would have treasured more moments with them. I encourage all parents to take the time to appreciate all the times their children ask for help, as all too quickly that time passes!

Lindsay 1

Lindsay Stassus

Administrative Assistant Principal

Hello! My name is Lindsay, I strongly believe in children having access to quality education, and I truly believe that KLA of Naperville West offers exactly that. The thing that I love most about teaching is helping children learn, grow, and see what sparks joy for them. I am so excited to grow with KLA, and get to know all of our families and little learners.

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Heather Kostov

Pedagogical Coordinator

With my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education from a Reggio Emilia philosophy-based university, I knew that KLA was a tremendous opportunity to showcase my love of teaching. I started at KLA in Plainfield in 2015 in the 4s program, then became the Kindergarten teacher for the next 6 years.

I was able to shape the lives of dozens of children using the project-based curriculum to teach all the basics required by the state without the required tests and rigid assessments. By providing thought-provoking experiences and weaving in my love of reading, I learned about many topics along with my students as I was the bridge to support their thirst for knowledge. I am now the Pedagogical Coordinator at Naperville West and will channel my enthusiasm to mentor other teachers in the Reggio Emilia philosophy.

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