Enrichment Programs

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Core values are part of who we are.

At KLA Schools, we embed core values of honesty, creativity, respect, and more into every aspect of our classroom experiences. Our enrichment programs are an extension of our classroom curriculum and are offered to all students. Through these programs, children develop good habits, try new things, and learn to make positive choices.

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Enrichment Programs



Mindfulness is incorporated throughout the day to provide children with opportunities to become more self-aware, understand and regulate their feelings and emotions, understand others’ emotions, work effectively with their peers, and form make a habit of being kind and empathetic.


Gratitude Practice

Gratitude is practiced throughout the day to teach the children to name, recognize, and appreciate each other and the positive things that occur. Teachers model and encourage children to express gratitude during transitions, assembly, mealtimes, and experiences.


Computing & Robotics

Early acclimation to technology is essential in ensuring children are able to adapt to technological changes. Students aged three and up learn mouse skills, pre-keyboarding, visual programming, animation, robotics and digital citizenship.


Grand Piazza Exploration

Our Grand Piazza is a community gathering space that is set up with a variety of new provocations on a regular basis. Students are encouraged to explore these experiences each day with their classroom or with their parents at drop off and pick up.


Spanish Exposure

Incorporating a second language into a child's daily routine leads to increased verbal communication and analytical reasoning. Children learn basic conversational salutations, numbers, environmental vocabulary and develop cultural awareness in our Spanish program.

Reggie Fitness

Physical Education

Our 3s and 4s classes participate in martial arts classes to give them opportunities to become more self-disciplined, and all students participate in physical education focusing on health awareness, gross motor movements, balance, and more.

Music 2

Music Class

We utilize the Kindermusik early music learning program for our students. This program fits within our Reggio Emilia-inspired approach and provides weekly lessons that focus on the whole child’s cognitive, language, physical, creative, and social-emotional development.


Mud Day

We believe in giving children open-ended opportunities to interact with nature. Allowing children to play in the mud is a unique sensory experience that our students look forward to and love.

Guest Speaker

Career Exposure

We expose students to various careers to inspire them to pursue new interests. Students may get to meet an architect, a doctor, chef, pilot, police officer, firefighter, attorney, or an engineer--the opportunities are endless! Ages 3+ take field trips to see how these careers apply to everyday life.

Providing special experiences for the whole family

We support families learning and growing together

From dedicated communications programs, to shared collaboration opportunities and special school community events, KLA Schools is here for your entire family and values our relationship with you.

Give your child the enriching education they deserve.

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