Summer Camp


Urban Explorers - Where Curiosity Meets the Construction Around Us.

Join us this summer! Dive into the fascinating worlds of construction, architecture, and nature's masterpieces. Whether it’s uncovering the diversity of homes, getting hands-on experience at construction sites, exploring the secrets behind parks and playgrounds, or learning from the natural world's greatest architects, this camp promises a summer filled with discovery and adventure.

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Summer Camp Sessions

Calling All Explorers! This summer, embark on an adventure with KLA Schools of Naperville! Our "Urban Explorers" summer camp is where curiosity sparks, and the construction around us comes to life.

Session 1: Home Sweet Home
Session 2: Building Wonders
Session 3: Parks and Playgrounds Adventures
Session 4: Nature's Architects

Take a look at some of our summer camp pictures!

In addition to field trips to exciting destinations, special visitors, splash days, and cooking projects, our summer camp program provides valuable and memorable learning opportunities. Summer reading and writing programs boost achievement and confidence. Our campers are given engaging opportunities to read and write each day. Give your child a summer of fun and learning at Naperville's best summer camp!

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