KLA Schools Celebrates Achievements and Milestones at Annual Graduation Ceremony


[Naperville, June 9th, 2023] — KLA Schools, a leading provider of high-quality early childhood education, proudly announces the successful completion of their annual graduation ceremony as they commemorate the achievements of 70 exceptional graduates from all three locations. The ceremony, held on Friday, June 2nd at Community Christian Church, was a momentous occasion for KLA Schools and marked a significant milestone for the students, families, and staff involved.

Among the distinguished graduates were eight students from Plainfield School who completed their remarkable five-year journey with the KLA Schools program, showcasing their growth and development.

The event also honored two outstanding students from the Naperville School who had been a part of the KLA Schools program since the school first opened in 2019. Their steadfast commitment to the program exemplified the core values that have been instilled at KLA Schools.

Adding to the significance of the ceremony, six students from Naperville West were also acknowledged as the Founding Students of KLA Schools' newest school in the area, located in South Naperville near 75th and Route 59. Their pioneering spirit and unwavering dedication have laid the foundation for a nurturing and enriching learning environment that will continue to benefit countless students in the community.

This year's graduation ceremony was made even more special by the presence of a few alumni students from 10 years ago, who attended the event to congratulate and bid farewell to the preschool graduates of 2023. Their return showcased the lasting impact of the KLA Schools program and the enduring connections forged within the KLA community.

Amidst the celebration, KLA Schools also took the opportunity to honor the remarkable dedication and leadership of Executive Director, Erica Koegel and Pedagogical Coordinator, Tracy Swatek. This year marks the 10th anniversary of their invaluable contributions to KLA Schools, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to excellence in early childhood education. Tracy Swatek said, “I was so honored to be acknowledged for my 10 years of service. Seeing the Alumni and their families was amazing and the best part was hearing the families and students are all still friends.”

"We are immensely proud of our graduating class of 2023 and the incredible achievements they have made during their time with KLA Schools," said Stephanie Schulz, School Principal of KLA Schools Plainfield. "Their accomplishments, along with the unwavering support of our dedicated staff and families, truly exemplify our mission to provide a nurturing environment that fosters lifelong learning and growth," said Erica Koegel, Executive Director.

The graduation ceremony served as a moment of reflection and appreciation for the transformative power of early childhood education. Through their innovative approach to learning, KLA Schools continues to empower young minds, shaping them into curious, confident, and compassionate individuals ready to thrive in a dynamic world.

About KLA Schools:

KLA Schools is a renowned provider of early childhood education with a focus on the Reggio Emilia-inspired approach. With a commitment to developing lifelong learners, KLA Schools creates engaging and stimulating environments that empower children to explore their curiosities, develop critical thinking skills, and cultivate their unique potential.

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