At-Home Halloween Ideas

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, many families are planning Halloween celebrations at home, rather than the traditional night of trick-or-treating. Here are some safer, at-home Halloween ideas for your family to try this year.

  • Decorate or carve pumpkins at home with members of your household, and display them outdoors for passersby to enjoy.
  • Create Halloween crafts together, such as Halloween Slime, Painted Monster Stones, and Paper Bats.
  • Decorate your home using the crafts you’ve made, as well as other Halloween-themed items, or items in Halloween colors.
  • Hold a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt, either at home, or go for a neighborhood walk to count jack-o-lanterns and decorations outside people’s homes.
  • Put a seasonal twist on classic games such as I Spy, charades, and bingo.
  • Have a virtual Halloween party with your child’s friends or family, where they can show off their costumes and play games.
  • Spend some quality time as a family watching Halloween movies everyone can enjoy.
  • Enjoy your child’s favorite snacks, or bake some yourself. Click here for a list of 33 easy Halloween cookies.
  • Create a Halloween sensory bin.
  • Read Halloween books together.

Halloween is a fun time for most children, and your child may be feeling disappointed that they can’t do things the usual way. Talk to your child and listen to their feelings, and assure them that this is only temporary. You may also opt to extend the celebrations for a day or two in order to help your child get more in the Halloween spirit.