Sophia Zamor Santa

Founder & Managing Director

Sophia is an Industrial Engineer with 20 years of experience in 6 countries. She managed the innovation and marketing for the Huggies, Pullups and Goodnites Brands for Latin America for several years and learned so much about babies and toddlers! She spent 11 years managing our family business in Haiti.

She found her true passion for education when her two sons started their schooling, and was elected Vice-president of the school board of the French School in Haiti. She spent five years working with families and the French Staff to provide the highest quality education for over 600 students.

Founding KLA in 2013 has allowed us to have a lasting impact on so many young lives.

On her free time, she loves to read and cheer at her son’s soccer games!

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Daniele Zamor

Admissions and Financial Director

Daniele is one of the founders of our school, which provides an environment for children to explore, gain a sense of self, play with peers, and build self-confidence. Daniele has an innate passion for spreading positivity and genuinely enjoys engaging with our children. Daniele's role is in admissions and financial advising. She loves to be at the front desk where she gets to engage in friendly conversations with families enrolled in our school. Her favorite thing to do is create beautiful decors for all our school events.


Rachel McHale

Assistant Director

Rachel has over 15 years of experience working with children. She is a dedicated, resourceful and goal-driven professional educator and administrator with a solid commitment to children's education as well as her administrative tasks. Energized by challenges and driven by the authentic desire to help others, she has an aptitude to remain flexible, ensuring that her responsibilities in organization and logistics are met.


Stephanie Randazzo

Pedagogical Coordinator

Stephanie is our Pedagogical Coordinator. She started working for KLA North Bay Village in 2017. She was the lead teacher for the threes and fours classroom. What she enjoys most about working at KLA is the respect, space and image that is given to the children. The children give us so much and working with this philosophy exemplifies how much we can learn from children. When I am not running around our Piazza, I love taking yoga classes and trying out new, local food spots.

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