Childhood is Not a Race

Childhood is not a race to see how fast a child learns to walk, run, talk, stop using diapers, read, write or count. Childhood is a wonderful time that goes from birth to adolescence, in which children learn, develop and grow at their own pace.

Each child is different and unique, and we must respect the pace in which they learn. There is a strong social pressure in our society about what children should learn, how and when.

A child’s emotional state is the first thing we must take into account. Making sure, that they feel safe and loved is the most important thing. At the end, I do not know of any adult that does not know how to count, write or read after having had the possibilities to learn how to do so.

Respect each other's rights and allow them to enjoy their lives. Let them explore with their bodies, so that they can build knowledge of the world to which they belong. Make the most of every situation that is presented to them.

We must focus on giving them tools for life. It is better to stop thinking about preparing them for a future that is not here yet (such as the next school year), since you might be anticipating what their body is not ready to learn yet.

We have to let them live one day at a time, we have to let them be little. Let’s not make them grow before they are ready to do so, we shouldn’t make them grow too quickly.

Raquel Roa

Assistant Director of Professional Development

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