Educational Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

Toddlers are naturally curious, and a warm day is ideal for helping your child learn while having fun. Here are 10 fun and educational outdoor activities for toddlers.

  1. Color scavenger hunt. This scavenger hunt is a fun activity that will help toddlers practice their colors. You can have your child collect small outdoor items of certain colors, or simply take you to see them
  2. Nature walk. Your toddler can help you look for birds, squirrels, flowers, leaves, and other common items found in nature. Help your child identify each item and have a discussion about them.
  3. Nature sculpture.While on your nature walk, why not encourage your toddler to create a sculpture out of materials like twigs, acorns, and rocks? Encourage their creativity, but continue to teach them about being gentle and respectful of nature.
  4. Bug hunt. Looking for insects while out on a walk can be a fun activity. You and your child can observe the bug and form observations and questions about what the insects are doing.
  5. Sand art. A day at the beach can be an ideal time to encourage your child’s creativity – all you need is a stick and some sand. Your toddler can draw or practice letters and numbers.
  6. Sorting seashells. Collecting seashells is another fun beach activity that can actually help your toddler build foundational math skills in pattern recognition, pattern creation, shapes, and sizes.
  7. Water sensory bin. A simple sensory bin filled with water makes for a good outdoor activity on a warm day. You can fill the bin with different materials such as toy cars, blocks, sponges, and stones to see which ones sink and which ones float.
  8. Sidewalk chalk art. A classic outdoor toy, sidewalk chalk is an ideal way to encourage your toddler’s creativity and help them learn colors and shapes.
  9. Look through a magnifying glass. A simple magnifying glass can be engaging for a toddler, especially outdoors. Let your child’s curiosity guide them.
  10. Take art outdoors. If you have access to outdoor space, you can create an outdoor art environment for your toddler. One outdoor art idea is to tape an old bedsheet to the ground or a wall and let your toddler paint or color with washable marker.

What fun and educational outdoor activities for toddlers does your child enjoy?