Getting Organized for Back-to-School

The start of a new school year is an exciting time for your child, but it’s also a time of change for the whole family. In order to help the first few weeks of school run smoother for everyone, here are some tips for getting organized for back-to-school.

Visualize your daily routine

To help you understand what you can organize, consider what a typical day will look like for your child and your whole family. What will the back-to-school morning routine look like? Will you also have to get ready to go to work? How much time will you have to complete all the necessary morning tasks? Next, visualize how school pick-up will work, as well as the evening and bedtime routines. It may help to write out your typical daily routine. This way, obvious organizational solutions may become apparent immediately.

Review your existing supplies

A new school year is a fun time for many children who enjoy shopping for new school supplies and clothes. However, you may not need to start from scratch this year. Together, you and your child can go through their existing clothes and any supplies like a backpack, lunch bag, water bottle, crayons, or pencils. If there are items that your child has outgrown or worn out, then you only need to spend your time and money replacing just those items.

Create school-specific spaces in your home

Creating small areas of school-specific organization can help everyone stay on track. For example, you can create an area of your child’s closet dedicated to their school supplies, or ensure that your home’s entryway is where your child’s backpack and school shoes are placed every night. You can further customize these spaces based on your typical weekday schedule – consider the areas in your home that can be streamlined and organized to help everyone have an easier time each day.

Make a family schedule

Writing out your family’s school-year schedule is a great way for everyone to help stay on top of things on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Post this schedule where everyone can see it, and if your child is too young to read, you can use illustrations or fun stickers to help them understand what they need to do each day. A family schedule can help to avoid time management conflicts, and is also a good way to use everyone’s time more efficiently.

Plan and prep meals in advance

Weekdays during the school year can be hectic as everyone adjusts to their new routine. To help save yourself time and hassle, consider planning and prepping your lunches and dinners in advance. The ideal time to do this is on a day where you can devote an hour or two to the task, such as a Sunday evening.

For example, you can cook a large batch of chili or a casserole and freeze portions for your next few dinners. For your child’s lunches, you can get ready the night before by washing and chopping veggies, preparing sandwiches, and sorting snacks into plastic baggies. This way, you can quickly grab and go in the morning.

No matter your family’s size or schedule, there are likely ways you can get organized for back-to-school. These five tips can be ideal ways to help start the school year on a more relaxed and efficient footing.