How to Transition Your Nursery

The move from baby to toddler can seem like a sudden one to many parents. There are a lot of big changes, including the need to transition your nursery to a toddler’s bedroom. Here are four tips to keep in mind when transitioning from a nursery to a bedroom.

1) Choose the right bed

Many parents decide that the time for a bed is when their toddler can easily climb out of their crib. Some cribs can be converted to a toddler bed by replacing a side rail with a lower safety rail. You can also purchase a bed designed for toddlers, which is lower to the ground and featuring built-in safety rails. Many families opt to go straight from crib to twin bed, which can be a less expensive option overall as your child can grow into it over the years. Investigate safety options for a twin bed if you are concerned about your child falling out.

2) Consider removing other furniture

The rocking chair and changing table that were fixtures of your child’s nursery may not be ideal in a room with a curious, climbing toddler. Instead, focus on giving your child room to explore and play. You may want to consider a cozy, easily-cleaned rug and small amounts of appropriately-sized, durable furniture. Keep your child’s favorite games and toys within easy reach.

3) Update the bedroom décor

Changing the décor in your toddler’s new bedroom doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, and it’s a great way to help your child feel happy about the transition. You can change the paint color on the walls, decorate with stickers, or even ask your child to choose their own bedding.

4) Re-evaluate the new bedroom for safety

You baby-proofed your child’s nursery, but now that it’s become a room for a toddler, double-checking everything is a good idea. Ensure that potentially hazardous items are out of reach, large items of furniture are secured to the wall, and install a safety gate if there are stairs nearby.

With these four tips for transitioning your nursery, your toddler will have a fun and safe environment to play and learn.