Ideas to Teach Your Child About Space

Children have big imaginations, and nothing seems to spark that imagination more than outer space. With so many possibilities, children love to imagine what could be out there, and love to learn about the things we already know about space.

Here are some fun ways to teach your child about space.

Read books about outer space

There are many books available to help your child learn more about space. Here are some popular examples:

Hello, World! Solar System – Ages 3 months-3 years

Peppa in Space – Ages 3-5 years

There's No Place Like Space: All About Our Solar System (Cat in the Hat's Learning Library) – Ages 4-8

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Space – Ages 4-8

Astronomy for Kids: How to Explore Outer Space with Binoculars, a Telescope, or Just Your Eyes! – Ages 7-13

Have fun reading these books together, and discussing what you see on the pages.

Make arts and crafts projects about space

Children learn through hands-on experiences, so these arts and crafts projects can be an ideal way to help your child get more familiar with outer space and space travel.

  • Draw an alien – What funny and strange creatures would live on your child’s very own planet? Have your child draw, paint, or color their very own aliens.
  • Space-themed sensory bin – A sensory bin is a great way for children to have some hands-on fun while learning about space. Indulge their creativity by including beans, sand, colorful water beads, plastic planet or astronaut toys, metallic stars, and crumpled tinfoil.
  • Create their own rocketship – Together, you and your child can create your very own rocketships. You’ll need some common crafting supplies such as scissors, glue, child-safe paint, and markers, and you can supplement this activity with other items such as aluminum foil and tissue paper. You can even create a spaceship out of a small shoe box or toilet paper roll.
  • Planet Sun CatchersWhether it’s one of the planets in our solar system or a brand-new one from your child’s imagination, this Planet Sun Catcher craft is an ideal way to learn about planets.
  • Homemade Sun Dial – This is an engaging way to help your child learn more about our sun and the rotation of the earth. Learn how to make a Homemade Sun Dial here.

Talk to your child’s teacher for more ideas

Your child’s preschool or daycare teacher most likely already has some fun and educational ideas for your child to learn more about space. They can be a great resource to help you supplement your child’s learning at home.